Residential Snow Removal in the Cornwall, Ontario area



Cornwall Snow is a local family-owned snow removal services where our operators have received many compliments from extremely satisfied customers. We offer comparable and reasonable rates.

Cornwall Snow is committed to quality snow removal services. We are available to all our clients 24/7.

Cornwall Snow offers:
  • Senior Discounts
  • Neighborhood Discounts
  • Walkway shoveling
  • Residential and Commercial
  • Seven Years Experience in Snow Removal


    OUR equipment consist of modern 6330 tractors, equipped with leading Normand inverted blowers, the rear inverted blower will ensure a clean operation.


    CORNWALL SNOW is a locally owned snow removal company, operating in the Cornwall Ontario area. Our operators will provide the customers one on one customer services and quality snow removal services.

    Our services are provided in the following areas:
  • Glen Walter
  • Lancaster
  • South Lancaster
  • North Purcell
  • Tyotown

  • Cornwall Snow is now pleased to announce we now offer shovelling on the go.


    Find out first hand why our customers are so happy with Precision Snow Removal:

    "Thank you for the great service this year. Last night the city snow plow made an unexpected sweep of my street leaving a bank of packed snow and ice which blocked my lane. After reconciling myself to being housebound for the day, I was pleasantly surprised when you cleared my lane early in the afternoon... I appreciate your help."
        Randy and Marlene
    "I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and your diligent team for the tremendous job you did to keep us plowed out this winter. I was pretty impressed by the gentlemen who cleared our laneway, and driveway. I hope you will pass on my heartfelt thanks."
        Prevost Point Community
    "Thank you very much for the wonderful job that you did last year. Your operator is enormously skilled and I enjoy watching the way he clean my driveway!"
        Jean Martiquet
    We can offer a one time clearing service in the event all our regular clients are completed first. This will be based on first come first serve and only if time allows. Please call 613-931-1012 or email


    Contact us to inquire about your snow removal needs, and we'll get back to you promptly. When filling in the quote form, please be as thorough as possible with your information.


    18614 Prevost Point Road, RR 1,Cornwall, ON K6H 5R5





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